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We always choose to do the right thing.


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Our Timeline

  • April 2024

    You’re all caught up! At this point in 2021, we are offering courses in over three hundred different markets, and are still expanding to new areas of education! Check back in for new updates!

  • June 2021

    We have partnered with the Oregon Health Authority — Lead-Based Paint Program to offer their state licensing exams online! This is an exciting new opportunity for us to further offer our students online options!

  • November 2020

    In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we requested and received approval from the Texas Real Estate Commission to offer our own in-house online proctoring system for our Pre-License courses! This has been extremely helpful for our students and creates a seamless experience from start to finish!

  • May 2020

    We launched our first statewide-required job training courses in California and Connecticut!

  • August 2019

    We opened up our first Scholarship Essay Contest for students to submit entries! We are so grateful to be able to give back to our online community of students, both in school and out!

  • July 2019

    We launched our first approved driver safety courses in Indiana and Wisconsin!

  • May 2018

    We launched our first approved Elevator Constructor Continuing Education course in Minnesota!

  • July 2017

    We received approval from the IRS to offer Continuing Education courses for Tax professionals and began offering courses for Federal Enrolled Agents, Oregon, and California Tax professionals. Also in July, we received approval from the National Mortgage Licensing System to offer MLO Continuing Education nationally!

  • October 2014

    We delved deeper into the Real Estate Continuing Education industry, offering courses in South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming.

  • August 2014

    We launched our first approved Plumbing Continuing Education courses in Georgia and Utah!

  • September 2013

    We launched our first approved Insurance Pre-License course in Washington, with Continuing Education courses becoming available a few months later.

  • May 2013

    We launched our first approved Real Estate Pre-License course in Michigan, followed closely by Michigan Continuing Education courses!

  • October 2012

    We launched our very first course ever, in the Water Operator Continuing Education market! Shortly after, we also launched new Trades CE courses, in the Electrical and HVAC industries, a Florida Car Dealer Training course, and our Virginia Contractor Pre-License course.

  • February 2011

    At Your Pace Online was founded with the intent to enrich the online education industry and make learning fun!

How we give back

At Your Pace Online is very proud of our annual scholarship program. Each site under the At Your Pace Online umbrella hosts it’s own essay contest awarding $1,000 to the best submission each year. What makes our scholarship program stand apart, is all ages and types of education are welcome to apply, not simply incoming college freshman.

Why we do it