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A Leader In Online Education

At Your Pace Online currently provides education in dozens of industries across 46 U.S. states. All of our courses are delivered online through nine full-service sites that cumulatively serve tens of thousands of students a year. Our current library of courses amounts to over 1,000 individual courses. All of our functions are handled internally by our excellent team of employees, who bring exceptional knowledge and experience to the company. Everything from administration of our LMS's, to topic research, to instructional design, to course development, is handled in-house. Other than the education we provide, our e-learning foundation and specialized knowledge make it possible for us to offer a range of other services to firms:

  • Customized Learning Platforms
  • Customized Online Assessment systems
  • Customized Online Survey System
  • Course Authoring & Instructional Design
  • Course Hosting

Customized Learning Platforms

We decided early on that we wouldn't settle for inferior products that only partially met our needs. We have years of experience in customizing learning platforms to fulfill specific needs. Whether it's systems integrations, removing unwanted features, or building entirely new features into the system, we can provide the expertise you require.

Customized Online Assessment Systems

For firms requiring an online assessment system, such as for employee or student testing, we offer a highly flexible, scalable, and customizable assessment system, based off the Moodle Core that puts you in control. The solution supports all major question types including true/false, essay, multiple choice, and short answer.

Customized Online Survey Systems

Like the assessment system, we can assist firms in need of an online survey system - customized and branded for their unique needs.

Course Authoring & Instructional Design

Course authoring represents a major piece of our core business and capabilities. We have a dedicated and tested infrastructure in place to support course authoring. This includes an entire team of writers and researchers, instructional designers, assessment experts, a fully dedicated video recording studio with a green screen, and multimedia experts.

Whether you already have course and content ideas, or you are coming to us with just a simple idea, we can work with you to analyze, design, develop, and deploy courses. In order to develop a successful course that engages students, supports the greatest number of learning styles, and achieves the learning objectives, there several factors that must be considered. Answers to questions like "Who are you training?" and "How important is it that the student retains this information?" will play a central role in designing and creating a successful course.

Depending on the answer, a typical course may contain several different components, including:

  • Interactive games
  • Discussion forums for learner communication
  • Instructor-led videos
  • Slides with interactive images and graphs
  • Audio narration

These course elements utilize a variety of technology including HTML5, Flash, JavaScript, and more.

Our time-tested process of course authoring that begins with a need's assessment and ends with usability testing, will ensure that the course you envision comes to fruition and is ultimately successful in its intended purpose

Course Hosting

For firms that already have existing courses developed, whether online or face-to-face, we can provide a stable, secure, and fully functional learning platform from which to offer your courses. Students can create their own accounts, live webinars can be scheduled, or the teacher can have control over registering students. We provide the flexibility and options to support any type of scenario.