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Doing Business With AYPO

At Your Pace Online works with all types of companies and products. It is our prerogative that there are no limitations with regard to online education. We believe the sky really is the limit, and educators should be in a constant quest to improve the educational experiences of all online learners. We have found that the capability for customization and configuration is absolutely required for successful online learning software environments. Many software solutions put limits on users and administrators. This results in a learning environment that hampers growth and productivity. Often times, the client or business entity simply believes and accepts "that's just the way it is." This is not the case. Flexibility affords opportunity, and the technological power to grow. No client or company providing services to students should be held back from perfecting their e-learning solution.

Why Choose AYPO

When looking for the appropriate e-learning software and services, ask yourself, "Am I sure that I know what software and features I will need in five years?" For most, the answer is "No." A lot can happen in five years. Infrastructure may exist that allows for and encourages growth and expansion, or it may be lacking, which can limit a firm's ability to expand or configure its services.

With AYPO's services, clients choose a foundation built entirely with scalability and flexibility in mind. When you a build a product with scalability and flexibility in mind, you are free to explore competing ideas and take advantage of educational and technological advancements. This holds true for both public and private educational institutions.

Listed below are some of the most current public and private educational institutions we have worked with to improve the educational services of the firm.


When VideoCE.TV was referred to us by a local hosting company, we went to work analyzing the firm, including its current offerings, e-learning system, and the current issues it was facing. We found that customers were unable to register for courses easily or became confused during the process. This was greatly affecting sales volume and client retention. There was no effective way to track sales or prioritize student inquiries. We worked to completely transform their system, overhauling both the back and front end. On the front end, we categorized all of the courses according to type, and provided a seamless student registration process focused on minimizing the amount of clicks required to register, and guiding the student from choosing a course, to paying, and then on to taking their course. On the back-end, we upgraded VideoCE's LMS to the latest version, providing hundreds of valuable additional features, imported over 3,000 user profiles while maintaining user integrity, and imported hundreds of existing courses. These courses were further customized to take advantage of the updated system.

VideoCE has reported solid growth and sales volume ever since.

Southern Technical Institute

A major issue with companies that provide courses online for a fee is the difficulty in finding an e-Commerce solution that truly integrates the LMS with a payment processing system. Most LMS systems do not integrate well or at all with many Learning Management Systems. What often ends up happening is the company, in the interest of saving time and money, will sacrifice functionality and long-term viability, prolonging the period of time that the system is not functioning at peak performance.

Southern Technical Institute came to us looking for a complete e-Commerce/Shopping cart solution that satisfied their needs completely without sacrificing functionality, while also integrating with their current LMS. The system provides a number of options for student registration, allowing registration over the phone or online using as few clicks as possible and providing a streamlined approach. In addition, the e-Commerce software comes with a number of modules to enhance functionality, including an Accounting module, Web Contacts Module, Virtual Terminal, and more - all of which work flawlessly together to provide an unmatched e-Commerce system.

Kentucky Educational Television

Kentucky Educational Television awarded At Your Pace Online a contract to provide learning media services in 2014. KET chose At Your Pace Online, a non-resident bidder, because of the unique services that we provide, which includes LMS systems, customization, media capabilities, and superb customer service.

Texas Sign Association

At Your Pace Online and Texas Sign Association began an affiliate partnership in the summer of 2014. Ever since online continuing education became mandated for electricians, there has been a lack of educational material specific to Sign electricians. This meant that Sign electricians were required to sit through material that, while beneficial to Journeyman and Master electricians, was mostly not applicable to Sign electricians.

We worked closely with the TSA to develop an online version of their in-classroom Sign Electrician training. This provides Sign Electricians with the same educational opportunities as other electricians.